"I play more from the heart since I started lessons with Frederick. He focuses on the bigger picture - The overall effect the music has on the listener and the smaller details fall into place naturally."

Frederick has helped me greatly with my dynamic range, my use of tone colors as well as my embouchure.

I have always struggled with getting a brighter sound that projects more, but with Frederick's guidance and teaching, I'm playing the flute the way I've always wanted to, and I sound more and more refined each day!"

Caroline Reilly Los Angeles California; Soloist Palisades Symphony Orchestra, SMC Symphony Orchestra, Sub.3rd. Flute/Piccolo American Youth Symphony, Glenn Katz Memorial Scholarship winner. Culver City Symphony Sub.,2nd flute. Culver City Chamber Orchestra 2nd flute.

Boston Conservatory High School 1st flute and Caroline also played 1st flute with Santa Monica High School at Carnegie Hall.

Heidi Ruby- Won the National Flute Convention Orchestral Concert Competition.

Clare James Duncan, 8th grade Eagle Rock Jr/Sr HS Magnet, Glendale Youth Orchestra. Clare attained a full scholarship and is currently at Harvard University.

“I highly recommend Frederick Staff to anyone who wishes to study music with a master. He’s a consummately fine teacher of children and adults and a gifted performer. Frederick is patient and caring, yet sees that his students work hard to achieve their goals, They learn more than how to play an instrument - they learn a lifelong love of music.” 

M.J.  Nestler- Curtis Institute of Music Aumna- Mother of Clare James Duncan

“Frederick is amazing, kind, understanding, and patient. He taught me how to play as an artist and not as a typist.”

Jennifer Kim- Disney Contest Winner.

Kristin Winter- Joulliard Student.

Nalani Rowe- 11th grade, Hamilton HS Music Academy Magnet

“Frederick’s a very inspiring teacher who not only teaches me to be a good flutist but a better musician.”

Yi-Ching Lin, Junior, USC

Student Feedback